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Arizona Governor's Energy Office

Effective May 11, 2015, the Governor’s Office of Energy Policy was transferred to the Arizona Department of Administration - Office of Grants and Federal Resources (ADOA-GFR). The office administers energy programs for the state and provides information on renewable energy and efficiency. 

Our new location and staff contact information is listed below.

ADOA – Grants and Federal Resources | State of Arizona
Energy Programs

100 North 15th Avenue, Suite 202
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Linda Brumm, Fiscal Program Manager, 602.771.1146
Lisa Henderson, Community Energy Program Manager, 602.771.1134
Michael Frary, Manager, Weatherization Assistance Program & Building and Science Efficiency, 602.771.1148
Evelyn Billings, Grants Administrator, Weatherization Assistance Program,  602.771.1141
Trisha Ekenberg, Programs Coordinator, 602.771.1219
Michelle Bermudes, Energy Program Specialist, 602.771.1151
Gloria Castro, Special Projects Coordinator, 602.771.1143

RECAP (ADEQ's) EPA Clean Power Plan Stakeholder Meeting Information
For current information, meeting notes and presentations from previous meetings, click here.


#1 in Percentage of New Electrical Capacity
In 2014, the Solar Energy Industries Association ranked Arizona #1 in Percentage of New Electrical Capacity from Solar in their Top 10 Solar States report. Click here to for more information.

Arizona Ranks 15th in Energy-Efficiency Policies
In 2014, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ranked Arizona 15th in their State Energy Efficiency Policy Database. Click here for more information.

The Arizona Collaboratory for Advanced Energy Solutions (AZ CAES) is a partnership established to coordinate energy-related research among Arizona universities to gain a competitive advantage when the state pursues energy research funding.  Highlights of this new program include participation from key energy researchers from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and University of Arizona and members of the Legislature. The group was originally coordinated through a competitive grant from the National Governor’s Association in 2014. Click here for more information.
A video on energy in Arizona.

Energy Video

emPOWER Arizona: Executive Energy Assessment and Pathways, 2014
(Click on Table of Contents to view area of interest, orange bar on top of page returns to TOC)

As a result of the work completed on emPOWER ARIZONA, the Governor's Office of Energy Policy was recognized as an Honoree at the 2014 Best of the Capitol awards presented on June 24th, in the Grassroots Effort category.